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Hi glad you found my site


I'm Lou and on my journey so far I've learnt, seen and experienced a lot of profound things, but the most profound is learning to heal one's self and others.

From a very young age I'm I always wanted to help others and have always been energetic, full of life and love for all living things.
So I'd love to share a little about who I am and why I started this web-site.





I'm very enthusiastic and passionate about natural healing, reiki healing, crystals and any natural healing methods to improve health and wellbeing.
With new and positive ways to discover impowering our minds and recognising the importance it can have in our lives.



When I was 39 I weighed 20 stone had a small convenience store, was on antidepressants and really couldn't see a way out of the state I'd got myself into.
Then one eventfull day I stumbled open the chakra system and meditation, so decided to start doing some exercises just to see if it worked, well low and behold I started to feel better. After much research and different exercise's, I found way's to incorporate it into my every day life.

Within a year I was off antidepressants and within 4 years had lost 10 stone, I felt amazing with no weekly trip to a diet clinic or councillor.
Over this time my curiosity grew for other healing knowledge learning about frequencies, crystals, reiki, aromatherapy oils, hypnotherapy and positive mind affirmations, also taking classes in tarot card readings,


psychic abilities and learning to connect to spirit guides, higher self and angelic beings as well as
many hours of research on astrology, sacred geometry, our ancient civilizations and the law of attraction.



Over the last 4 years I've trained in a few healing courses and 3 levels of reiki, it's amazing being a conduit to heal others as well as oneself.
Its also my pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and much of the information on healing crystals, reiki and some of the other things I've learnt along the way.


I've been helped by a lot of like minded souls, so to all those who have helped me over the years, with up most respect and gratitude, I wish to thank you for your knowledge, assistance and support in helping me on my journey with much love. 

Please enjoy the site love and light



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